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Anxiety/Self-Doubt/Inability to Cope/Fear of driving
It was a very positive and empowering experience.  You helped me relax a great deal and re-frame the situations in my life that were most stressful at that time.  The affirmations you wrote for me were incredibly helpful, and do continue to help me each day.  I've successfully navigated some difficult situations with co-workers because I felt more confident and grounded.  And, the confidence I began rebuilding with you has enabled me to drive on the highway without an anxiety attack. 

-LMP, Belchertown

This is so much more than hypnosis!  Cindy is a great teacher and counselor, as well.  I went to her because of anxiety attacks that were interfering with my job, and she helped me release a whole lot of negative baggage that I'd been holding onto for years.  I learned a lot about myself and  learned a variety of ways to cope with the stressors in my life and to make positive and healthier changes.  I faithfully did my "homework assignments" and appreciated her insights and creative suggestions. 
-JAD, Hadley

I appreciate all the techniques you taught me to help me improve my sports performance at school.  I know that they will transfer to my academic work and eventual life's work.  The quotes you gave me to stick on notebooks, etc., are helpful reminders.  My focus and confidence is much better, and I'm exited about next semester and next season.  Thank you for all your support. And hypnosis is way more fun and relaxing than I ever thought!
-PT, Amherst

This experience far surpassed my expectations.  I learned SO MUCH.  This program is very comprehensive and I loved how the hypnosis was tailored to my particular needs.  The therapist was so supportive, and I felt that she was a great coach.  She did everything except cook my food!  I wanted hypnosis to help me lose weight, but I came to realize that my weight problem was so much more than about food.  I feel much more empowered.  I also learned to like eating healthier, although I still won't touch Brussel Sprouts!  I feel like a major shift has happened in my life, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  I lost 16lbs in 4 weeks and feel great.  I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to take control of their life.  (The personalized affirmation recordings are very helpful!)
-SAW, Ware

Hypnosis with Cindy was really fun.  It was really relaxing.  Her homework assignments were easy and powerful.  She gave me some easy exercises that helped lower my stress and increase my ability to focus.  I feel more able to handle difficult situations.  She really listened to me and I felt affirmed.
-JMR, Amherst

My 12-year-old son has ADD which profoundly affected his behavior in school.  Medication has helped him focus, however, it doesn't seem to matter which one he is on because they all seem to give him horrible tics.  We tried to see if hypnosis would give him some relief.  Much to our surprise, it helped reduce the tics dramatically.  He still gets a few, but not nearly as many as before.  It has helped him to improve his socializing with peers.  He also really liked hypnosis with Cindy.  
-KT, Northampton

I was in the home stretch of finishing my dissertation and I hit a major mental block.  I thought hypnosis might help.  Your guidance, support, and wonderful hypnosis sessions helped get me on track.  I felt more confident, unloaded some long held assumptions I had about myself, and I finished it on time and got great accolades for it.  Thank you for helping me push thru this, beyond this, and into a much better place in my life.
-CAD, Amherst

As I have gotten older, I have become more and more fearful of open spaces and heights.  This has made driving really difficult for me.  I felt like my world was closing in on me.  Hypnosis at HHC helped get me calm and in control again.  I still practice some of the techniques that I was taught, and I am very grateful for all of it.
-MH, Leverett

Hypnosis at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center was great!  It helped give me perspective on the issues in my life and look at myself in a much better way. I found the courage to address my marital problems, take better care of my self, and renew my self-esteem.  It really, really worked for me.  I think companies should offer this as a benefit for their employees.  What might have taken me months in talk therapy took 5 weeks with hypnosis!  Thanks very much.
-JPD, Pelham

Cindy is a miracle worker!  After a session with her I feel lighter and more grounded.  She's helped me gain perspective with my relationships, and I appreciate her compassion and skills.  After years of talk therapy, she has helped me more in just a few sessions.  If you really want to make changes in your life, then I'd highly recommend hypnotherapy with her.
-KAJ, Holyoke

I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes about ten years ago (age 12), and it has been a challenge for me to balance my health with my life.  There have been so many changes, transitions, and problems focussing for me.  Cynthia really listened to me, gave me great strategies and simple homework assignments, and powerful hypnosis sessions.  I've been to see her about six times over the past year, and I have to say that she really helped me with my issues.  I'm taking better care of myself and I'm pleased with the tools she taught me to keep myself positive and healthy.  
CPL, Westfield


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