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We are moving to Hadley
and we are expanding!
Re-opening in October 2018

Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center
will be changing its name to
Hampshire Healing Arts

*We will be offering Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki and Energy healing, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counseling

*A larger space that will now
accommodate small classes
and workshops in a variety 
of wellness modalities

* first-floor location for ease of

*A quieter space for clients
seeking a more peaceful environment

*Lots of parking available

Visit us at our new location!

Promoting wellness for the whole person

Working with Children, Teens, Adults and Families

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 
-Albert Einstein

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 
-Anais Nin

"The purpose of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being."
- The Mayo Clinic  

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Mass Appeal Benefits of Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy can be helpful in many ways and could potentially change your life.

An Interview with Cynthia A. Frado, Director of Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center, LLC on WWLP, Channel 22, in Springfield, MA

Imagine that you can live your life from a place of fearlessness where you hold the power to make positive changes!  Imagine that you can help your body heal faster, relax more deeply, and achieve a greater sense of well-being.  Imagine that you can finally gain control over the addictions or phobias that have been holding you hostage in your own body.  Imagine that you are more confident in your sports, academic and professional life.  Now, imagine that you already possess the greatest tool on earth that can help you break through those barriers that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.  Believe it to be true because you do have within yourself this miraculous ability!  Your subconscious mind is the greatest resource that you have to empower your life.  Let us help guide you to the source of your own liberation and transformation! 

Believe in the proved efficacy of hypnosis to harness your own inner capacity for change.  Hypnosis has been well known for years in the alternative therapy world, and more recently its benefits have been substantiated within the traditional medical community.  As a complement to traditional medicine, hypnosis can help you or a loved one overcome physical or behavioral obstacles, and the results can be surprising.  Mind/body researchers and doctors at Stanford, Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine and other medical facilities all agree that the benefits of clinical hypnosis are changing lives.  Could it help you?  It’s certainly worth exploring!

Transform your life by making a commitment to your well-being.  To help you along your path toward healing and renewal, this website offers several pages to assist you in becoming more familiar with hypnosis, the science behind it, potential benefits, and the hypnosis process as it is practiced at the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Center.  Simply click on a category and you will find information and links to many different areas of concern, studies results.  If you have questions that are not answered within the parameters of this website, please feel free to contact the Center via email or telephone.

How does Hypnotherapy compare to other therapeutic practices? 

38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behavior Therapy
72% recovery after 22 sessions

93% recovery after 6 sessions

*Comparative Study by American Health Magazine

Don't wait another moment to change your life for the better!  If you are serious about engaging the hypnotic process and making a positive commitment to your personal well-being, then make your appointment today for a no-obligation 30-minute screening (to explain the hypnotic process, evaluate your presenting concerns, and determine whether or not hypnosis is appropriate for you).  Are you ready to take that first step towards changing your life for the better?  
Call today:  (413) 623-9432

(It is important to note that while there are many conditions that benefit greatly from hypnosis, the complexity of some mental health diagnosis the exclusive attention of appropriate medical professionals.  To that end, if during the initial evaluation it is deemed necessary for you to seek a more suitable form of intervention, you will be so advised.)

It matters what you believe!  Change your thoughts and you can change your life. Hypnosis is about self-empowerment!

No beating yourself up. That’s not allowed. Be patient with yourself. It took you years to form the bad habits of thought that you no longer want. It will take a little time to form new and better ones. But I promise you this: Even a slight move in this direction will bring you some peace. The more effort you apply to it, the faster you’ll find your bliss, but you’ll experience rewards immediately. 
~Holly Mosier

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
~Norman Vincent Peale

The time is NOW to bring healing and positive change into your life!  

Imagine, Believe, Transform...

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